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Drama Queen byNikita Kaun
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Ernest Alexander – Fall 2012 Double Pocket “Mitchell” Chambray shirt - The Style Division

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I’ll love to take you on a simple yet romantic date, just you and me. We will be able to get to know each other little by little. I’ll first pick you up, seeing you take the time to get ready for me would be enough to make me happy. Today is the day I will spoil you the way you deserve to be treated. We will first go and get dinner together at your favorite restaurant and even get a dessert if you wanted. If you let me I’ll even try feeding you some cake or something. After we’re done, I’ll take you around the city as we go on an adventure together. I might not know the city compared to you since I am not from around there, but I’d get lost with you any day.
Can you trust me and take me hand as an adventure awaits us? We will walk around for a bit till we reach our final destination a hill with a a couple flames within some jars I have set up for us. The sky is beautiful, but nothing would compare to how cute your smile is in the night sky. Let’s cuddle and fall asleep telling each other stories about whatever comes into mind. I’ll promise to keep you safe and out of harm, just trust me is all I ask. :)

Demon Castiel sketch, drawn in PS

Leandro Oliveira by Xavier Samré
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